WELCOME to the website of freelance music photographer and musician, Neil Fellowes – that’ll be me.

I’m a freelance music photographer based in the East Anglian city of Norwich, slowly gaining a following and a reputation for my work which has already included many concert images, photographs of electronic music studios around the U.K. including the former MemeTunes Studio in London (owned by prominent U.K. electronica musician/producer, Ben “Benge” Edwards and Republica’s Tim Dorney), as well as CD cover artwork for electronic music artists (including CD covers for the leading U.K. electronic music label DiN, owned by renowned sound designer/synthesist, Ian Boddy) as well as images used by a number of international organisations, magazines and companies such as the Bob Moog Foundation and PSN Europe magazine.

I also do promotional band shoots, alternative model shoots and I have a passion for Urban/Rural Exploration-style images.

I’m really and most definitely NOT the man for photos of happy families, smiling babies and fluffy animals, I am more than very happy to leave that to everyone else. My interests lie firmly in a more creative/dramatic/eclectic direction, things which you wouldn’t ordinarily look at to take a picture of or a subject that isn’t your normal cup of photographic cup of tea. So, when you look at my photos, you’ll see concerts, old derelict buildings, alternative landscapes, recording studios, close-ups of ordinary things seen from a different angle and very soon I’ll be doing my first lot of work with alternative models.